Cardiovascular Responses to Oil Exposure

In this study, I looked at the effects of oil exposure on cardiovascular function in pelagic fish species.

Cardiac Oxygen Supply and the Morphology of Shark Hearts

Providing novel insights to the evolution of the coronary artery and cardiac oxygen delivery in vertebrates. We are used the shark hearts as a model system.

Cardiac function following oil exposure in pelagic fish

During my postdoc as part of the RECOVER consortium, funded through GOMRI, I have investigated whether phenotypic plasticity allows species to overcome anthropogenic sources of environmental pollution in the form of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH’s), the toxic components of oil.

Cardiovascular function of hagfish in anoxia (no oxygen) environments

In this study, and in conjunction with my work on cardiovascular responses to anoxia in hagfish, I discovered a number of diverse cardiovascular and biochemical phenotypes that permitted the survival of hagfish for more than 36 hours of complete oxygen deprivation.